– Supplier of processing services, advice, and supply of custom designed ECOGI installations for the treatment and recovery of resources

Treatment plants

Gemidan Komtek

Gemidan Komtek is one of the biggest operators of facilities handling and treating organic residues in Denmark. We share our expertise in this market by offering advice and guidance. Our focus is to constantly improve our processes and operations to deliver positive environmental outcomes. The value gained is from recovering resources for further utilization.

We produce soil improvers for agriculture, biofertilizers, biofuels, and biopulp for biogas production.
It was at Gemidan Komtek, that the ECOGI pre-treatment technology was developed. ECOGI processes source-sorted domestic food waste and expired/discarded packaged food into an ultra-pure biopulp (substrate) for biogas production. 

Gemidan Tulstrup
The treatment plant in Tulstrup receives and processes garden waste to produce compost and biomass fuels. Materials are graded into a variety of products prior to distribution to customers and other outlets.

Gemidan Frederikshavn and Gemidan Egedal – Ecogi pre-treatment plants 

Gemidan’s Frederikshavn and Egedal facilities, provide services for the handling and processing of food waste using ECOGI pre-treatment technology. Gemidan Frederikshavn has been receiving food waste since April 2019 and has been awarded ISCC certification for biopulp (substrate) produced.

Gemidan NMI AS
Gemidan NMI operate a composting facility in Larvik, Norway. Garden waste is processed to produce compost products and biomass fuels. Gemidan NMI’s compost and biomass products are approved and registered by the Norwegian Government Mattilsynet. Gemidan NMI products are sold under their own brand, registration number and product declaration. 

gemidan Komtek

Drivervej 7
6670 Holsted

Søren Steffensen 
+45 22 22 25 50

Hans Peter Fyhn
+45 22 22 25 42

gemidan tulstrup

Jacob Grabau
Tlf. 48 28 60 91 
Headquarter 98 28 30 00

Gemidan Frederikshavn

Udviklingsvej 20
Driveway by Vendsysselvej 201
9900 Frederikshavn
+45 76 78 21 02
Headquarter +45 98 28 30 00

Contact Jens Stokholm Olsen
 +45 40 64 80 15


Gemidan Ecogi Egedal A/S

Frodebjergvej 17
3650 Ølstykke
+45 76 78 21 03

Contact Jens Stokholm Olsen
 +45 40 64 80 15 

Headquarter +45 98 28 30 00

Gemidan NMI a/S

Vassvikveien 90
3268 Larvik

Rune Nyhuus
+47 91373806

+45 98 28 30 00