Experience and mobility are our strengths

The Gemidan group is an innovative and modern resource recovery business, operating in the waste sector. Our group includes businesses that specialise in the circular bio economy, sustainability, recycling, and providing consultative services.

Specific work areas:

  • Crushing and sorting
  • Soil improvement
  • Trading and selling of residues – domestic, export and import.
  • Conversion of organic waste to green energy.
  • Production and distribution of biomass.
  • Mobile operation and space optimizations with our customers.
  • Outsourcing.

Since 1988 Gemidan have been pioneers within the waste industry. We ensure we constantly keep up to date in all our business areas. In this way we can deliver the best standards that meet or exceed the latest requirements demanded from Government and the needs of our customers.

Our sustainable solutions and consultation services reflect the company’s years of experience in managing diverse and varied resource recovery operations. Our professional employees are experts and have in-depth knowledge and experience in their areas of waste treatment.

Our vision is that the sharing of growing knowledge and experience gained across the Gemidan group of companies enables us to continually develop as a top resource recovery specialist.

Our initial concept was built on mobile operations which we continue to develop. Over time the group has also developed treatment plants that receive and process waste. Today we work within the circular bio economy and sustainable resource recovery primarily in Scandinavia. Our Trading department has activities across the whole of Europe.

Our services continue to include the provision of mobile operations (equipment and operatives) for processing waste for resource recovery or recycling. Our company’s role can be as an entrepreneur, trader,
advisor, or process manager.

The history of Gemidan


At that time only two percent of the garden waste in Denmark was being recycled, the rest was either sent to landfill or an incinerator. Gemidan A/S’s idea was to divert this resource from disposal by converting garden waste to a useful compost. Once this concept became established it developed further using mobile processing equipment that could compost garden waste close to where it was being generated. Therefore, it was no longer necessary to transport garden waste long distances for it to be composted.


Gemidan established the company, that today is known as Gemidan NMI AS.


Gemidan A/S expanded its business activities to pack waste for transport by land and sea. Operations were established outside Denmark and now the company operate facilities in many European countries.


Gemidan reaches another step, the first job of a complete outsourcing task is a reality with providing SRF/RDF.


The group expanded into providing site and operational management services to independent compost site owners creating a new business area. This expansion of composting operations increased the groups production tonnage of compost. New outlets and compost-based products were needed to ensure the compost produced could be put to good in agriculture. Gemidan gained environmental certification of ISO 14001.


Gemidan starts to export biomass to other countries. Staff numbers employed by Gemidan grew to 35.


Gemidan expands its activities through acquisition of other complementary businesses that together with Gemidan, expands and strengthens the strategic focus on sustainable solutions.

  • Gemidans buys a majority shareholding in SWS – Special Waste System.
  • Gemidan takes over the struggling company Komtek Miljø and continues to expand the groups various waste operations.
  •  Gemidan takes over an early pilot project to develop a new high-performance food waste pre-treatment technology for the biogas industry. From this early design concept was born ECOGI leading to a successful food waste processing recovery operation and the creation of a sales/engineering team to promote the worldwide sale of the ECOGI technology.


Gemidan buys the operations of Tulstrup Kompost to provide local garden waste composting services on Zealand (Sjælland). In collaboration with Geminor, a company part owned by Gemidan, we start the importation of RDF waste to the danish incinerators. This new service offering began with a new environmentally approved handling facility at Lindø harbour.


A 100% owned subsidiary Gemidan Ecogi A/S was created to provide an independent focus to develop and market the ECOGI food waste pre-treatment technology. The ambition being to sell the ECOGI technology in both in Denmark and across the world worldwide. A UK based company Gemidan Ltd was also created to support both the import of RDF and the Ecogi sales activities in the UK.


Gemidan creates a new Trading Department to offer customers a complete waste/resource handling and distribution service to promote an experience based on an approach of ‘from cradle to cradle’. The strategic focus being a sustainable solution where distribution and waste treatment are optimised.


The first independently owned Ecogi food waste pre-treatment facility is established by Affald+ in Næstved (Denmark).


Increasing foreign demand leads Gemidan to establish a local office in Germany (Gemidan GmbH), to create a close contact to the European market. Gemidan certifies the sustainability of the biopulp from Ecogi production according to the ISCC standard.

Investment, establishment and opening of Ecogi treatment plant in Frederikshavn, for pre-treatment of organic waste.


A new strategic perspective with greater focus on sustainable solutions leads Gemidan to divest its stake in Geminor.

In the same year, an Ecogi pretreatment plant is invested in and established in the municipality of Egedal near Ølstykke. With the opening in January 2021, Gemidan A/S can offer nationwide treatment of the organic waste.


With the desire to create the best organizational framework for the further development of the nationwide operational solutions in Denmark, a merger is carried out, where all treatment solutions are brought together in Gemidan A/S.

Gemidan Ecogi A/S will be retained as an independent company focusing on the further development and sale of pre-treatment plants for organic waste. 

The structure of the Gemidan Group

Gemidan A/S

With headquarters located in Nørresundby, soil improvement treatment facilities in Tulstrup and Holsted, and Ecogi pre-treatment facilities in Frederikshavn, Holsted and Ølstykke.

CVR-nr. 12 14 33 70

Gemidan Egedal A/S

Located in Ølstykke (DK), Egedal. Gemidan Egedal offering a complete utilization of organic residues from residual household waste.

CVR-nr. 11 99 53 73

Gemidan NMI AS

Located in Larvik, Norway. Offering mobile garden waste treatment and soil improvement services.

Foretaksregisteret: NO 979446330


Located in Nr. Alslev (DK) and SWS (Special Waste System) has 20 years’ experience in treating and destruction of hazardous/confidential waste.

CVR-nr. 16756288

Gemidan Ltd

Located in Whitchurch, Shropshire (UK): Gemidan Ltd. is engaged in the utilization of waste resources.

Company no. 9758519

Gemidan Ecogi A/S

Headquarters in Holsted (DK) Gemidan Ecogi mission is to sell and supply the ECOGI technology for the optimal pre-treatment of organic waste for AD biogas production.

CVR-nr. 37358746

Gemidan GmbH

Located in Schwerin, Germany. Gemidan GmbH is engaged in the trading activities, recycling, and utilization of the resources in waste.

Ust.-IdNr. DE322442107