Accounting information

The structure of the Gemidan Group

Gemidan A/S

With headquarters located in Nørresundby, compost treatment facilities in Tulstrup and Holsted, and Ecogi pre-treatment facilities in Frederikshavn, Holsted and Ølstykke.

CVR-nr.: 12 14 33 70
EAN nr.: 5790002134647
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Gemidan Ltd

Located in Whitchurch, Shropshire (UK): Gemidan Ltd. is engaged in the utilization of waste resources.

Company no.: 9758519
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Located in Larvik, Norway. Offering mobile garden waste composting services.

Foretaksregisteret: NO 979446330
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Gemidan GmbH

Placed in Schwerin (GE) and handles the trading activities, and the recycling and the utilization of the resources in the waste.

Ust.-IdNr.: DE 322442107
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Gemidan Ecogi A/S

Headquarters in Holsted (DK) Gemidan Ecogi mission is to sell and supply the ECOGI technology for the optimal pre-treatment of organic waste for AD biogas production.

CVR-nr.: 37 35 87 46
EAN nr.: 5790002415807
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Information and contact

The priority is to receive an invoice via EAN (Electronic invoices). Alternatively invoices can also be received as a pdf by email, as described above.

For more information please contact our accounting department on telephone +45 98 28 30 00 

If there is a need for addresses for example sending parts or etc. remember to choose the physical addresses of the treatment plants, find them under the contact page.