Gemidan and the environment

Gemidan has been awarded – Quality – ISO 9001:2015, Environmental – ISO 14001:2015 and ISCC EU certificate (International sustainability and carbon certification).

The above certificates and associated systems underline Gemidan Group’s commitment to quality and environmental management.

Resource recovery from food waste to biogas
ISCC EU is an internationally standard widely recognised within the biogas industry. This award allows Gemidan Group to sell a biopulp with an ISCC certificate because there is clear traceability on the domestic waste that we treat in our Ecogi plants. Gemidan’s facilities also have Animal By-products Regulations approval from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Quality and the environment
Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 awards form an integral part the Group’s everyday activities and management making our work gains both credible and responsible. The Gemidan Group operations, including that of its subsidiaries, are listed in the Waste Register as:

  • Collection
  • Pre-treatment
  • Transporter
  • Exporter/Importer of products both within and outside of Europe
  • Broker
  • Recycling

As a natural part of our activities we always comply with the legal requirements and regulations relating to our activities. Gemidan Group give a high priority to reducing the environmental impact in our activities with emphasis on avoiding unnecessary consumption of all resources.

Quality- and environmental manager

Lisbeth Collin Hultfeldt
+45 27 45 79 97

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Gemidan Frederikshavn

Gemidan Holsted

Gemidan Egedal 

Qualified consultancy and expert advice on environmental matters

Using our knowledge and experience of operating within the principals and guidelines of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 we are ideally placed to advise our customers on ethical and economic resource management solutions. On this basis, as a key element in our customer service, Gemidan are keen to provide customers advice and consultative services to identify opportunities for resource optimisation. We not only ensure our customers comply with all legal requirements for their operations but go beyond this with initiatives to commercially deliver reductions in environmental impact.

Our employees are qualified in environmental issues and motivated to find environmentally friendly solutions and avoid unnecessary resource consumption. This ensures the environment is at the centre for new investment decisions.

Environmental improvements are a hidden in product quality

In all our activities our objective is to seek environmentally friendly solutions and ensure environmental benefits form an integral part of the quality of our services. We try to communicate this approach proactively when promoting our business. In our opinion the environment is not always given the consideration it deserves. Therefore, it is Gemidans overall objective to make our customers aware of environmental benefits and to value them as being an important advantage for their activities.

Our goal is to help our customers to be aware of this often-hidden environmental aspect to product or service quality. We do this in many ways including the following:

  1. Good customer service including providing advice to help make customers aware of the beneficial possibilities their waste and operations present for improvement e.g. space utilisation, working conditions and distribution efficiency. Providing a clearer focus on opportunities to recycle and resource optimisation
  2. Easy and rapid access to customer service support with advice on environmental accidents e.g. avoiding the risk of pollution from spills or effective clean-up. Alternatively identifying opportunities for resource optimisation or recovery.

To make our customers aware of the potential for environmental impacts, both positive and negative, and help identify opportunities to act.  Encourage companies to see beyond rules and regulations to deliver environmental improvement and avoid wasted resources.