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Mobile waste solutions

Experience in packaging waste across Europe
Gemidan provides packaging services for a range of materials for example – combustible wastes (RDF or SRF) and recyclable materials (paper or plastic packaging). Packaging waste usually means creating round bales similar to hay or silage bales covered in plastic film common in agriculture.

Since 1996 we have packaged waste for customers located across Europe. Our employees have the experience needed to ensure efficient and competent working throughout the packaging process. Today this is a common practice for the storage and handling of combustible wastes in the more industrialised countries in Europe. Packaging provides a good practical and sustainable solution for the intermediate storage of combustible wastes during times when heat or energy demand is variable (facility down time or seasonal changes) helping to optimise incinerator energy output and efficiency.

Gemidan use mobile ‘round’ baling equipment
Round baling equipment offers flexibility in handling and packaging large or small quantities of waste. Being mobile allows our baling equipment to quickly move from site to site and is designed to be easily adjusted to package different waste types. In this way we can provide flexible, efficient, effective, and economic packaging solutions for a large range of waste types. Our service is customised, and we are always happy to help and provide guidance so that we can deliver the best packaging solution for the customer.

Mobile Equipment 

Particle size reduction and sorting of all types of materials

Gemidan work across Scandinavia offering shredding, particle size reduction and sorting over a large range of material types and input sizes. We continuously update our equipment with the latest technology available to increase the range of materials we process. In this way we optimise the services we can offer our customers.

Examples of materials we can treat:

  • Garden Waste
  • Tree roots and logs
  • Wood waste – pallets, wooden boxes etc
  • Bulky waste
  • Pressure impregnated wood

Experts in sorting 

We have many years of experience in sorting materials.  We are continuously investing in modern equipment to increase our capability, the quality and capacity of our services.  Providing advice and guidance is an integral part of the service to our customers. 

We use two types of sorting equipment:

  • Drum sorting
  • Star screen

In addition to sorting to a specified particle size or grade, contaminates can also be removed. For lighter contaminants e.g. plastic, air separation is used as part of the process. Heavier materials e.g. stones can also be effectively removed during processing. In this way we optimise the quality of the end-product both in terms of purity and particle size grading. We ensure the equipment we use is the best option to meet our customer’s sorting and end-product requirements.

Examples of the materials we sort:

  • Garden waste
  • Soil Improvement 
  • Biomass
  • Tree roots
  • Construction waste – wood waste
  • Landfill materials for energy recovery
  • Soil
  • Bark
  • Wood chips and other waste types


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