Who is Gemidan?

Gemidan is an innovative and modern waste management company with the priority to find sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to treat waste to maximise resource recovery. To Gemidan waste is an important resource. Our focus is promoting a Circular Economy by recovering resources and putting them to the best possible use.

In Gemidan we prioritize to work sustainable and in an environmental way in the treatment of the Waste. To us it is not only Waste. It is an important resource. Therefor our focus is on the Circular Economy in several of our activities whereas a lot of the Waste are transferred to Energy and turns back to the orbit.

Gemidans Activities

The Gemidan Group has the knowledge, experience and skills gained from national and international operations, to develop sustainable and green solutions for the challenges waste creates.

Gemidan specialises in on-site and mobile treatment solutions. We crush, sort, pack, and distribute – our operations have no limits.

Why choose Gemidan?

At Gemidan we offer the optimal sustainable solution, based on the customers’ needs and wishes. The customers short- and long-term needs are the focal point for our solutions. Our customer portfolio covers the public and private sectors that work with waste. The goal is the effective and efficient utilization of resources and the creation of environmentally friendly solutions for waste operations.

We offer simple, logical, and most economic solutions to even the most complicated waste challenges that help our customers get the most from the resources in their waste streams.

We offer

Food waste/Organic residues

To boost biogas production by the optimal pre-treatment of food waste

Mobile Waste treatment solutions

From garden waste to treatment of a natural soil improver or process wood waste into a renewable fuel (biomass)


To find sustainable markets for different types off biomass, RDF/SRF, and soil improvement.


To supply processing facilities or equipment for soil improvement or to produce renewable fuels (biomass)

Hazardous Waste

To safely incinerate hazardous waste and recover heat for domestic heating

Operational treatment plants

Four treatment plants in Denmark and Norway treating food, garden, and wood waste

Gemidan and the Environment

An integral part of our vision is to focus on quality and the environment in all our work areas. We want to be known as a credible and well documented business partner within the waste industry. Our focus is on the treatment and efficient utilization of resources from waste. Our goal is quality and environmental
protection to be met in a sustainable context. All Gemidan’ s business areas are ISO certificated in the areas of quality and good environmental management – ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.